We advise governmental organisations and businesses on the necessary steps to enable the exchange and integration of standardised eBusiness documents without significant investment, disruption or complexity.

We promote simplification and provide clarity on European legislation.  We define implementation strategies, develop business cases and impact assessments to enable rapid adoption while ensuring conformance.

Celeris specialises in the implementation of European standards for eInvoicing and eProcurement in existing systems, enabling EU-wide interoperability. Our flexible approach tailors projects to individual needs, and through our widespread network of resources, we support large-scale implementations.
Additionally, we provide assistance to organisations seeking EU grants from the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Telecom for projects that support the development of integrated digital services.

The Celeris Group team has been involved in numerous key initiatives:

  • European Multi-Stakeholder Forum on e-Invoicing
  • European Payment Systems Market Expert Group
  • European Expert Group on Public Procurement
  • UK National e-Invoicing Forum
  • United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business


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